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Have the CPD requirements changed for 2019?


In 2018 there was much conversation regarding changes to Continued Professional Development (CPD) requirements for NSW Real Estate Agents.

Although reporting on this topic has reduced within the real estate media; as a training organisation we are keeping abreast of what is going on.

At the moment:
-       The industry regulator – NSW Fair Trading is in the process of considering what the new requirements will be.|
-       Final changes to CPD requirements have not yet been released nor has there been a set date for this release.

In the mean time all licenced agents and registration certificate holders must continue to meet their current CPD obligations.

A reminder about the current NSW CPD requirements are:

-       Whether you hold a licence as a real estate agent, stock and station agent, strata managing agent, business agent, on-site residential property manager or buyer’s agent, you must do CPD. Similarly, all categories of certificate holders must also do CPD

-       You must complete all CPD requirements by the renewal date of your licence or certificate. [i.e., prior to the renewal date]

-       You must keep a record of your CPD activities, along with evidence, such as a certificate, academic or attendance record or a receipt of you purchase

-       CPD records need to be retained for (3) three years. NSW Fair Trading do not keep a register about your CPD points. It is your responsibility to keep records of your training

-       If you are audited by Fair Trading you must prove that you have complied with the CPD requirements

-       The amount of CPD required is 12points. There are various ways of acquiring the 12 points; however, it is commonly acquired by completing a relevant course including an assessment, with a duration period of 4 hours.  (For full details on CPD categories refer NSW Fair Trading website – here or contact RETS on  1300 850 980)


RETS has CPD courses to suit your needs.

  • For NSW CPD Real Estate go – here
  • For NSW CPD Strata go - here

When you complete your CPD training with RETS, we maintain a record of your completed training, so if you lose your records, we can provide this to you on request.

 Links to NSW Fair Trading CPD FAQ’s – here


Property Stock and Business Agents Act-  section 15 (4):


March 7, 2019