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What course do I need to complete to enter the real estate industry?

In NSW the minimum legal requirement to sell or lease property is the Assistant Agent - Certificate of Registration, which you can obtain from NSW Fair Trading. To obtain the Certificate of Registration you need to successfully complete 5 units of competence, which RETS conducts ( click here for the Certificate course).

In the ACT the minimum legal requirement to sell or lease property is the Salesperson Registration, which you can obtain from Access Canberra. To obtain the Salesperson Registration you need to successfully complete 5 units of competence, which RETS conducts ( click here for the Certificate course).

When I complete my  Certificate of Registration units with RETS, what do I do next

You will need to follow the application process with your State/Territory regulator.

NSW Fair Trading.  Click here to go to NSW Fair Trading.

ACT Access Canberra.  Click here to go to Access Canberra.

What is the difference between an Assistant Agent Certificate of Registration and the Real Estate Agents Licence?

A real estate agents Licence enables you to open your own real estate office. The Certificate of Registration allows you to work as an agent under a Licensed person.

I want to complete one of your courses - what do I do next?

Go to the course you are interested in and follow the instructions on the relevant page. Otherwise give us a call in the office during business hours and we can assist you.  Please ensure you read the Student Handbook prior to applying. 

Why do I have to do CPD?

Continuing Professional Development has been introduced as a mechanism for professionalising the industry and promoting high standards. The requirements for Continuing Professional Development are aimed at maintaining public confidence by ensuring that industry participants are continually updating their skills. If you do not complete your annual CPD you are not fulfilling the requirements of your licence or certificate of registration.

NSW CPD guidelines – click here  

ACT CPD guidelines – click here

What is a 'certified' copy?

For further information on 'certifying' your qualifications or transcripts click the link  Certified CopiesCertified Copies(547.17 KB)

What are the requirements to complete an online course?

It is recommended that a student be moderately proficient at using a computer. An example of this would be the ability to browse the internet, send and receive emails and create files and folders. If you are able to complete these activities using a computer you would probably be capable of completing an online course with RETS. Please note: our online course is set-up to be completed online – it would be time consuming and difficult to ‘print out’ our online course and we strongly discourage this. If you wish to have a paper based copy of the course RETS suggests you purchase the hardcopy version.

I have qualifications in other states. What can I do?

If you have completed any of the units of competency in another state you may not need to complete these units again. If you only need to complete one, two, three units etc. please  phone our office and we will customise your course specifically for you.

My login won't work. What do I do?

Has your time frame lapsed? If you are not sure contact the office.

Are you in the right section (My Account for CPD or E-Learning for Certificate of Registration)

Can you resend my Statement of Attainment?

If you have lost your copies RETS will replace or reissue Qualifications or Statements of Attainment at a cost (see the Student Handbook for these details). You will need to contact the RETS office with your request, in writing, and with a copy of your certified photo identification. You will be invoiced the applicable fee and upon payment please allow up to a minimum of 7 working days to receive this.