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What is Onsite Residential Property Management?

Onsite Residential Property Management generally refers to someone who has “Management rights”, meaning they own a lot within a community living complex, and have been granted rights to caretake and operate a letting business within the complex.

Letting of properties could be permanent or holiday (short-term) letting.

Caretaker responsibilities could include general cleaning and maintenance of foyers, stairwells, bbq areas, bin bays, gardening, pool maintenance and so on.

You can operate as an Onsite Residential Property Manager on an unrestricted real estate licence, or a licence restricted to Onsite Residential Property Management.

Onsite Residential Property Managers generally operate as a single/partner team. Although in some cases (for larger complexes) there may be one or two employees.

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Types of skills needed to work in Onsite Residential Property Management

An onsite residential property manager will need to have quite a varied skill set.

Some skills which are beneficial include: