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What is Strata?

Strata title is a property held within a strata plan. The “property” has vertical and horizontal boundaries. Think of properties like units, townhouses etc, which are part of a complex. This complex is known as a ”Strata Plan”, and these individual properties are known as “lots”.

A strata manager is generally employed if the individual “lots” within a Strata Plan are owned by different owners. Each owner is responsible for their individual lot, and the Strata Manager then manages the area outside of the lots. This is known as common property. 

A Strata Managers role is to ensure contributions from owners are paid, and the common property is kept maintained – including gardening, repairs, maintenance etc. Budgeting for expenses which includes insurances for the building, general maintenances/repairs, and major works (known as “capital works) such as roof replacement, repainting common property, and other major repairs. Strata Managers may also need to assist with disputes arising from individual lots. 

There is a lot of background administration work in Strata Management, so Strata Managers will generally have a support team assisting them. 

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Types of jobs in Strata

Strata Manager

Main point of contact for the strata plans which are managed by the agency. Very hands on, dealing with lot owners, contractors, property managers of individual lots. Directly responsible for the running of the strata plan. The strata manager will oversee collection of levies, chair meetings, ensure complexes are complaint with fire, insurances are current, facilitate quotes and deal directly with the owners committee. A good Strata manager will be organised, and have great communication skills.

Assistant Strata Manager

Works alongside the strata manager/s to provide support where required. This may include dealing with minor issues, assisting with meetings, conducting follow ups with lot owners for levies and so on. Communication skills are also a key requirement.

 Compliance Officer/Manager

Strata plans need to be well maintained and adhere to specific requirements -such as fire compliance and insurance. This role could entail obtaining quotes, keeping on top of expiries, issuing notices for fire inspections to lot occupants and other various administrative tasks. Being organisiation is highly desirable.

 Administration/Marketing/Other roles

Much like real estate offices, Strata offices may offer roles specific to administration and/or marketing duties. Some common duties in these roles can include answering phones, assisting with paperwork, dealing with enquiries for Strata searches and so on.

 Trust accountant

Each Strata Plan is required to have its own trust account, meaning there are a lot of accounts to manage. A large Strata Management company may employ staff who will specifically manage the trust accounts for Strata Plans. While communication with outside parties may be limited, you would need to have attention to detail and have good numeracy skills.

Types of skills needed to work in Strata

Working in Strata Management involves dealing with many people, and a lot of administration tasks. 

Some skills which are beneficial include: