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What is an Auctioneer?

An auctioneer is a licensed real estate agent who holds accreditation as an auctioneer.

The role of the auctioneer is to conduct a property sale in an auction format. Property auction is defined as the sale of property by public outcry, where interested purchasers are required to register to bid and the highest bidder is the purchaser, subject to the reserve price – that is, the minimum price the seller is happy to sell their property for.

 The auctioneer is responsible for achieving the highest price for the property they are selling “under the hammer” at auction. They are required to ensure that bidders are registered to bid and know the rules and regulations for bidding at auction, describing the features of the property, creating interest in the property, encouraging and accepting bids, liaising with the sales agent, liaising with the seller of the property, and either selling (“knocking down”), or not selling (“passing in”) the property at the auction – dependent upon the outcome of the bidding.

 The auctioneer’s role is not only fun and exciting but it also carries a lot of responsibility and knowledge of legislation, rules, terms, conditions and warnings.

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Types of skills needed to work as an Auctioneer

To be successful as an auctioneer, you will need to possess a high level of verbal and non-verbal communication skills, presentation skills and attention to detail. 

Some skills which are beneficial include: