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What is strata?

Strata title is actually a world first Australian invention which has since been copied around the rest of the world. It was first introduced in 1961 in the state of New South Wales.

Why tradies make good real estate agents

The real estate sector attracts a very diverse range of people. One of the sectors we have considerable interest from are tradies – plumbers, builders, electricians, painters etc. 

So you are looking for a Career in Real Estate in the ACT

 A real estate agent acts on behalf of their clients to sell, buy, lease or manage property. The property can be residential, industrial, commercial or vacant land. In order to qualify as an entry level real estate agent in the ACT you must be registered and hold a Registration Certificate.  A Registration Certificate is also referred to as a Salesperson Registration.  To obtain a Registration Certificate you must complete a Statement of Attainment course through a Registered Training Organisation. If you wish to operate your own real estate agency, you will need to become a Licencee, by completing a real estate licensing course and lodging your application with the regulatory body in your state/territory.

What does a property manager do?

Many people already know what sales representatives do in a real estate agency. Sometimes, however, they are not so familiar with what a property manager is, and what they do.

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