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Everyone needs somewhere to live


It’s no secret that the residential sales market is currently in a down turn. The real estate market is cyclical, so anyone who has been working in the industry for some time, or observing the industry closely, will know that the market will eventually re-heat, and prices will correct themselves and eventually begin to increase again. In the meant time, we receive questions about whether it’s a good time to study a property course?

Well one way of thinking would be that if you skill yourself during a down turn, you will have equipped yourself for the eventual up turn. Many people don’t start thinking about enrolling in a course until the market is in a boom. The time taken to complete an entry level course means that they don’t get to take advantage of the increased employment opportunities that come with the start of a strong sales market. If you complete your course in a down turn, you are ready to go!

Also, everyone needs somewhere to live. Even when sales markets are weak, tenants still need to rent homes, and landlords still need to find good tenants.  Apartment blocks need to be managed - strata agents work no matter the market cycle.  A successful property agency often has both a sales and a property management arm as well as a strata arm. When sales start to wane, the agency may rely on their property management and strata portfolios to bring in regular income to the agency. Good property managers are always in demand, but even more so in a sales down turn when agencies turn their focus to property management.  

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May 30, 2022