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8 qualities that make a good tenant


A reliable tenant will often reduce a landlord’s maintenance costs, minimise wear and tear, as well as look after the garden and property as if it were their own. They are worth their weight in gold and can really add to value of a property. 

However, bad tenants can be everyone’s nightmare- they might pay their rent late, cause havoc with the neighbours, treat an owner’s property like a tip or unreasonably demand endless costly repairs. A bad tenant can cause problems for up to 12 months before you can get them out of the property, so it’s important to avoid them. 

So, what makes a good tenant?

1. Provides a good detailed application- fully completed, with all the required evidence, contact details for referees. Clearly identifying they can pay easily pay the rent and can look after the property well.

2. Has a good record- is not listed on ‘tenant’ databases; excellent references.

3. Is easy to communicate with and respectful- they are responsive, respond within reasonable time to your calls and messages; are understanding, empathetic and friendly to deal with.

4. They always pay rent on time- they never default on the rent and will let you know if they may be late for some reason.

5. Is accommodating- provides access to property inspections, during the tenancy with minimum inconvenience to all.

6. Cares for the property- advises the agent of any real maintenance issues promptly, without being unreasonable to ensure the property is well kept for the investor. Keeps the property clean and tidy. Routine inspections are always perfect!

7. Follows policy- will adhere to agent’s policy e.g., provide all requests in writing/as requested by agency.

8. Adheres to legislation and terms of the Tenancy Agreement- e.g., requests permission for pets and property alterations.

Good tenants care.


October 17, 2022