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Strata CPD

CPD is compulsory for all Strata Certificate of Registration and Strata Licence holders in NSW. Have a look at the suite of CPD courses RETS has on offer.

  • CPD - Presenting at NCAT - A Guide for Strata Agents

    CPD - Presenting at NCAT - A Guide for Strata Agents

    Since the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 commenced, strata disputes are being handled in a different way. Strata disputes are now heard in person at NCAT hearings, rather than 'on paper' adjudications. This change is requiring agents to develop a new set of skills in being able to represent the owners corporation at a strata hearing. This course includes understanding the strata mediation process as well as how to prepare for and present at the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT).

  • Negotiating in the Strata Sector

    Negotiating in the Strata Sector

    Effective negotiation skills are core to all functions of work within the strata sector.

    This CPD session will assist you to under stand how conflicts develop, how to plan for and structure a negotiation in stages, as well as inter personal communication tips for helping parties achieve a mutually beneficial solution.

    Since negotiating in the strata sector also has many legal pitfalls, this course also looks at the legislative requirements that agents need to consider when negotiating.

  • CPD Strata Reforms 2016

    CPD Strata Reforms 2016

    This unit looks at an overview of strata reforms. It covers a variety of changes to the strata legislation and how it affects strata agents

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