CPD Class 1 Agent - 9 hours - Real Estate (Auction elec) (2021-2022)

CPD Class 1 Agent - 9 hours - Real Estate (Auction elec) (2021-2022)

A Class 1 licence holder must obtain 9 hours of CPD annually in a Licence renewal year. RETS is approved, by NSW Fair Trading, to  deliver compulsory CPD.

For more information on CPD and your requirements please go to https://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/housing-and-property/property-professionals/working-as-a-property-agent/Continuing-Professional-Development-CPD-requirements.

The following course package includes:

3 hour Compulsory CPD - 2021-2022

CPD Compulsory Topic 1 - COVID Safe Business (1 hour)
CPD Compulsory Topic 2 - Disclosure of Material Facts (1 hour)
CPD Compulsory Topic 3 - Short-term Rental Accommodation Code of Conduct (1 hour)

3 hour Elective CPD

CPD Elective Topic - Art of a Successful and Compliant Auction

3 hour Business CPD

CPD Business Topic -Record Keeping

NSW Fair Trading mandate that all CPD must be completed by 22nd March 2022. To fulfill this requirement it is up to you to successfully complete by this date. RETS suggested you complete prior to this date in case you need to resubmit or redo any aspect of the assessment.

Remember - it is your responsibility to understand your requirements for CPD.

If you just require your compulsory hours please click here 

How can you complete the course?

RETS runs this course as follows:

E-learning - RETS eCampus - you can access your online course and complete the course in your own time (you will also have access to the learning material in PDF form if required once logged in).

Youwill have access to a RETS tutor who can help and assist as required, during business hours. You can access them through the messaging system found within the RETS eCampus. 

Hard copy, Printed Material - If you require a hardcopy version of your material posted to you please click here to contact our office. Additional costs apply.

Face to Face - do you have four or more people in your office that need their CPD? Contact us for a quote to run it in house.

Online - E-learning $275 (9 hrs CPD)
Hard-copy -$375 (contact our office)
9 Hours
Study Options
  • Online - E-learning
  • Hard-copy, printed material
  • Face to Face (min no. 4 people)
Certificate of Completion

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