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The world of property in Australia is broad. There are significant differences, across Australia, from state to state, in how the property sector is governed. Commercial and residential property differ significantly also. Language, terminology and governing legislation, whilst overlapping in some areas, differs considerably in others. There are large multinationals that cover the commercial sector, and there are smaller ‘mum and dad’ operations that look after commercial properties too.

This resource provides you with some insight into the world of commercial property looking at jargon and terminology used in the sector. It is great for those looking to cross from residential real estate or strata to commercial, or for those new to the whole sector, with an interest in commercial property.

 After you have completed this guide you may be interested in progressing to the next level. RETS has courses, developed with commercial industry specialists, for those looking to become Commercial Agents, commencing with the Assistant Agent  - Certificate of Registration, and then the CPP41419 Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice  - Commercial. On completion of these courses you can register with NSW Fair Trading, to work in the commercial sector.

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