Strata Certificate of Registration

Certificate of Registration - Strata

The Certificate of Registration - Strata is comprised of three (3) units of competency which are ASQA accredited and recognised by NSW Fair Trading. Any person looking to become a Registered Manager of a Strata or Community Scheme (this includes giving advice or information on property) must have competently completed these units. When you have successfully completed these units and received your Statement of Attainment you can submit them to NSW Fair Trading, where they will then issue you with the Certificate of Registration (conditions apply – see  for more information).

The Certificate of Registration course for the strata sector comprises of three units of competency from CPP30311 Certificate III in Property Services (Operations). They are:

  • CPPDSM3016 Work in the property industry 
  • CPPDSM3017 Work in the strata/community management sector
  • CPPDSM3019 Communicate with clients as part of agency operations

Are there any specific entry requirements?

The only entry requirement of this course is that you have a NSW School Certificate (Yr 10) or equivalent. To actually gain your certificate of registration from NSW Fair Trading you must be 16 years of age see

If you need language, literacy or numeracy support please see our Student Handbook for further information.

How can you complete the course?

STS runs this course as follows:

Blended/Online - you can access learning material online and complete the course in your own time. Your tutor can track your progress through the course, assisting you via the online student messaging system. You also have access to the STS tutor hotline seven days a week. You will also need to complete role play assessment over the phone or via alternative modes of technology (eg skype) with the assessor. 

Hard copy, Printed Material - STS supplies you with all the materials and assessments in booklet form for you to undertake the course in your own time, with the support of a seven day tutor hotline. You may also need to complete role play assessments over the phone or via alternative modes of technology (eg skype) with the assessor. 

Face to Face - do you have four or more people in your office that need their Certificate of Registration. Contact us for a quote to run it in house.

How long will it take?

STS gives you six months to complete this course, though you can complete it sooner. If you were to work on this course full-time you would complete it in an average of 4-6 days. If students go over the 6 month timeframe they will need to apply for an extension to their enrolment and pay an extension fee of $110 (incl GST). This will be assessed on a case by case basis.

How am I assessed?

You will have assessments to complete throughout the course. These are marked using competency based assessment – that is you are either competent or not competent. Upon commencement of the course you will receive a Student Assessment Information Booklet which explains assessment in more detail. If you would like a copy of this Booklet prior to enrolment please contact our office and we will email one through.

If you are completing your course by hard copy you will need to post your assessments in. If you are completing your course on-line most assessments will be submitted through the on-line system (some assessments including completion of agency documentation need to be submitted via post). You will also be required to complete a verbal assessment via Skype or over the phone as part of the assessment for this course.

Your assessor will mark your assessments and provide feedback as you go. There is a maximum 7 to 10 day turn around for all marking. Our assessors try to assess your work faster than this and you may find your work is being assessed every few days.

What if I need help?

Upon enrolment you will be designated a tutor who can help and assist you with any problems or questions you may have. Your tutor is available by phone or email - weekdays 9am to 6pm and weekends 11am – 3pm (access given to all students to the STS tutor hotline) or e-mail 

What do I get when I have finished?

Upon succcessful completion of this course you will receive a Statement of Attainment for the units listed above.

How much does it cost?

On-line $475 (GST free)
Hard-copy $525 (GST free)

Contact us for details of the face to face courses we are running.

How do I enrol?

Before you enrol please ensure you read our Student Handbook. Click here to enrol now. Still have some questions? Please contact us

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