Appraising property

Appraising property

This unit looks at the requirements to appraise the sale price range or rental value of all forms of property for listing purposes in line with client instructions, agency practice and legislative requirements. It includes researching the property, selecting appropriate methods to appraise the sale price range or rental value of property and preparing reports on the property appraisal. It does not address the formal valuation of property.

12 CPD points also available on successful completion of this unit.

How can you complete the course?

E-learning PDF- RETS supplies you with all the materials and assessments in PDF booklet form for you to complete in your own time, with the support of a seven day tutor hotline.

Hardcopy - RETS can provide a hardcopy version which we can post in the mail.

E-learning via PDF $195
Hard-copy $195
Approx 20 hours, with a maximum of 6 months to complete
Study Options
  • E-learning via PDF
  • Hard copy
CPPDSM4003A Appraise property Statement of Attainment

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