Short, Sharp 1 hour CPD

Short, Sharp 1 hour CPD

Short, Sharp CPD’... Relevant, quality CPD Training as you need it.

In addition to our usual 12pt CPD offerings RETS will this year be providing our clients the opportunity to break their CPD into pieces, picking the most appropriate training for their needs.  Some of you like to complete your CPD all at once over the legislated 4hrs, but others would like to complete ‘an hour here and there’. We’ve also given you the chance to ‘pick and mix’ your CPD topics.  Over the next 12 months, as legislative and regulative changes occur RETS will continue to provide up-to-date 3pt options to our CPD topics.

  • Domestic Violence Tenancy Laws

    Domestic Violence Tenancy Laws

    The law is changing. New domestic violence provisions in the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 commence on February 28 2019.

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