RETS | Payment


All students must complete a student enrolment form and provide a copy of their photo identification (drivers licence, passport etc.) Prior to enrolment all students must read the Student Handbook. After you hace completed the enrolment form you will be able to pay for your course. RETS will not accept student payments unless a student has completed an enrolment form. Please ensure that your details are correct, particularly the spelling of your name - any reissuance of certification by RETS due to name errors may incur a cost.


Enrolment/Payment Procedures

1) Read the Student Handbook. Fill in an enrolment form and fax/email/post a copy of your certified photo identification.

2) If you wish to then purchase the course follow the prompts. You will be given a variety of choices for payment.

3) Upon receipt of your payment your tutor will contact you to get you started (this usually occurs within 1-2 business days of receiving your payment).

4) RETS will not issue Certification for any courses where payment is outstanding.