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What does a sales agent do?


A real estate sales agent has one of the most interesting and varied jobs you can do in a real estate agency. One of the main parts of their role is finding a steady supply of potential listings- this is known as ‘prospecting’. A good sales agent has a wide variety of contacts in their network, that they regularly stay in touch with. Once they have located a prospect, the sales agent prepares a listing presentation, including a detailed comparative market analysis (or market appraisal) to display to the seller the agency’s services. This includes recommending to the seller the best method of sale for the property and the current market climate, as well as appropriate marketing strategies to achieve the estimated selling price. The sales agent also has an important role in ensuring all the documentation for the new listing is in place.

The sales agent creates and distributes attractive advertising material, fielding calls and emails from interested enquirers whom they ‘qualify’ to confirm they are a strong lead as a potential buyer before showing them properties.   They then organise showings of the property to these prospective buyers, ensuring the sellers understand the best way to present their property and organising access if the property is a rental.

Sales agents negotiate offers on their clients’ properties, and liaises with other property professionals, such as building inspectors, builders and tradespeople, and legal professionals such as conveyancers and solicitors, to monitor the sale through to completion. Upon completion of the sale, and with appropriate legal notification to do so, the sales representative organises for the settlement of trust funds they are holding to occur.    A successful sale has been made, the buyer takes possession, and the seller moves on to their next venture. The real estate cycle begins again!

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July 10, 2022