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Tips on moving into a rental property


Moving can be very stressful, whether it’s into your own property or a rental property.  When it is a rental property you are moving into, there is the added consideration of having to abide by the Residential Tenancies legislation.  Here are a few tips that might assist you or your family in this process. 

  • At the start of every tenancy, the landlord or agent must give you a copy of a NSW Fair Trading publication called the ‘New tenant checklist’. Most managing agents provide this when you first apply for the property.  This fact sheet contains important information to be aware of before signing a new tenancy agreement. Read the checklist carefully before your appointment to sign your lease and ask your landlord or agent about anything you do not understand.

  • Ask for a copy of the tenancy agreement (lease) in advance of your sign-up appointment, so you can take your time to read and check it before signing. Watch for any special conditions that have been added in to the standard agreement. Check that all additional terms to the lease are legal, if in doubt, Fair Trading NSW can assist with this. For example, the lease should not include a term requiring you to have the carpet professionally cleaned when you leave, unless you have agreed to that as part of a condition to allow you to keep a pet on the premises.

  • At the time of signing, the managing agent should give you two copies of the completed In-going Condition Report for the property. It is very important that you check this report against the condition of the property once you can access it. You should make notes on the condition report of any damage or wear and tear that the agent has missed.

  • Take the time to fill out the condition report with as much detail and accuracy as possible. The condition report will be a key piece of evidence at the end of the tenancy if there is a dispute about who should pay for cleaning, damage or replacing missing items.

  • You can learn more about completing the condition report here:

  • You should not be asked to pay for the cost of preparing your tenancy agreement, or for the initial supply of keys and security devices to each tenant named on the agreement. You will, however, be required to pay 2 weeks rent in advance, and 4 weeks rent as a rental bond, before being provided with the keys to move into the property.


June 25, 2022
Category: NSW and Property Management