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I’m returning to work after having children. Is real estate the career for me?


A very successful real estate agency in Sydney with 40 years in the business once said that he thought the best sales people were women with several children. Why? Because for them to be working, they have to be super organised. They have had significant life experience, which means they are empathetic, and they are usually very good listeners.

Real estate can be a great career for women returning to work.

Clients often respond well to and trust women who have families and are able to connect with people on an emotional level in the community and assist them to make decisions about their home or investment purchase.

Whilst sales may prove challenging in the beginning with its long hours, there are many other roles that might suit, for example executive assistants, sales support roles and administrative roles that would be perfect for a focused and organised team member.

Property management these days is 95% female, possibly because of their good eye for detail. Great property managers are in demand, and will often be able to work their hours around family responsibilities, with effective use of technology to work some hours outside of the office.

If you are looking to return to the workforce after having kids or know someone who is, click here to see where to begin the process.


December 5, 2022