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Flexible working in the property sector


Many people who work in the real estate industry love it for the flexibility of schedule that it affords them. Having a flexible job schedule in real estate doesn’t mean just being a sales agent.  There are many flexible career paths in real estate that you can take to achieve that elusive work-life balance—maybe some you haven’t even considered!

Here are some options:

A sales agent will often need to do listing presentations of an evening, leaving them with flexibility as to how they use their day time hours. Some busy sales agents also look for part time assistants to help them open their listed properties on the weekend and cope with admin tasks on busy days of the week. Often this can be a flexible arrangement when it comes to hours worked.

Real estate agents with rent rolls often say that good, experienced Property Managers are hard to find. Being a property manager is a challenging job that is usually in high demand—and it comes with flexibility perks once you have gained the needed experience. Often, a property manager can set their own hours. The job may require being available during some non-traditional working hours (such as evenings or weekends) for example to show properties or handle urgent repairs and maintenance, but usually these hours are not set in stone as property managers deal with problems as they arise.

If you like the idea of moving around and not being stuck in the office environment all day, property managers spend a large part of their time showing properties to prospective tenants and carrying out inspections of properties.  These activities come with a degree of flexibility and many of the tasks, such as background checks or posting ads for new vacancies, can be done online from the comfort of your home. In fact, due to current real estate technology, many tasks of a property manager can be completed from home.

Remember though that a flexible job doesn’t necessarily mean an easy job. Property managers put in hard work and many hours. However, they usually get to control how they go about doing their work, which means, to an extent, their schedules.

As remote work becomes more and more mainstream, many employers are updating their policies to allow for it. Finding an employer who will let you work from home several hours a day could make being a property manager one of the most flexible jobs you pursue!

Maybe you aren’t necessarily looking for a new, high-powered full-time career? Perhaps you’re looking for a way to make extra income. For example, some post-secondary students get their certificate of registration course to take advantage of breaks in their university schedule. For some, working weekends in real estate can be an excellent weekend income or a way to make money that fits comfortably around classes they have to take.

Retirees are another group who see real estate as a way to achieve work-life balance and to take advantage of their life experience and large network of contacts. Some agents love the flexible work hours towards the end of their successful careers.

There are so many different aspects of the real estate business that provide flexible ways to work, either full- or part-time income. To become an agent click here


February 2, 2022