Choosing the right RTO

Choosing the right RTO

by RETS | August 23, 2021
Choosing the right RTO

Deciding to complete a course is a big decision for most people. Here are some tips to what to look for in the training provider.

1. Is the training provider a registered training organisation (RTO)? This means that they are registered by the government to deliver nationally recognised training. You can confirm this by checking the national database for vocational education in Australia –

If they are not an RTO, the course cannot lead to a nationally recognised qualification (an Australian Qualifications Framework qualification).

2. What is the quality of the learning material that the RTO supplies for the course? Learning material can vary greatly in quality. It needs to be current, preferably customised for the industry (for example, using real life industry forms), and designed for the literacy need for the target students involved in the course. If the course is online it needs to have all the resources that you would normally receive in a face-to-face classroom.    

3. If the course is facilitated face-to-face, what are the skills of the trainer? Are they experienced in training and knowledgeable about what they are training in?

4. What training, assessment and support services does the RTO provide? Is the RTO willing to talk to you about recognising your existing skills and knowledge via a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) pathway?  One of the best ways to judge an RTO is by the support that they provide to learners when they need a bit of extra help. Does the RTO provide any phone, skype or online tutoring to assist these learners?  

5. Does the RTO have staff that are friendly, approachable and knowledgeable?

Choosing to study is a big decision and needs to be made only after you have done your homework on the right RTO.