9 tips- to a win/win method of resolving conflict

9 tips- to a win/win method of resolving conflict

by RETS | October 25, 2021
9 tips- to a win/win method of resolving conflict

Win/Win Method of Resolving Conflict

To effectively resolve a conflict, all parties need to come away with a workable solution which they agree to. This method is also referred to as the ‘win/win’ method of resolving conflict. It avoids one party feeling like the loser in the situation.

 9  Tips- to affect a win/win solution you need to:

 1. Gather the facts.

2. Define the problem.

3. Determine what the client wants to achieve as a solution to the problem.

4. Give feedback to the client on what you believe is the problem and what you believe is the solution the client wants.

5. Seek further information where necessary to ensure understanding between yourself and the client.

6. Seek further information from other agency staff, which may mean contacting the client at a later time once you are better informed.

7. Canvass possible solutions which fit with agency practices and procedures and which may result in a positive solution for the client.

8. Present one or several solutions to the client and, where agreement is reached, carry through on those solutions.

9. Check at a later time that the client is now satisfied with the outcome. By allowing the client some time to consider the implications of the solution, he/she can determine if the solution is satisfactory. By consistently following up with the client after some time has lapsed, you may be able to rebuild your relationship.

 This is part of the communication unit in the NSW Certificate of Registration course- here.