5 Tips- when dealing with distress

5 Tips- when dealing with distress

by RETS | October 25, 2021
5 Tips- when dealing with distress

Dealing with Distress

When a person is distressed about a situation you should endeavour to:

  1. give clear messages, about your role, what you can do, what you expect, what they expect, etc.
  2. understand and establish appropriate boundaries:
    a) Physical - for example, not invading space without negotiation
    b) Emotional - for example, making a client feel sorry for you because you have too much work to do
    c) Structural - for example, being clear about the definition and limitations of your role
  3. offer empathy, not sympathy
  4. resource versus rescue
  5. respect clients' expertise and knowledge about themselves, respondent's circumstances, etc.

 This is part of the communication unit in the NSW Certificate of Registration course- here.